4. Aliens of London

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This is the only one, so far, that we didn’t watch at home. We went on holiday and on the way back, EasyJet told us to board and then informed us that it would be an hour and a half until take off.

My girl now, justifiably, hates EasyJet. She’s a 9 year old with an opinion on airlines.

Through Netflix, I’d downloaded the rest of Series 1 to my phone, just in case, and so we watched ‘Aliens of London’ with one earpiece each whilst everyone around us got increasingly annoyed with their hand luggage.

She hated the Slitheen. She hated when they unzipped their heads, she found them more frightening than other things we’d watched, and it almost stopped her watching more.

The suggestion that they could be just about anyone around you is really what frightened her.

I’m fascinated by the way in which the sci-fi concepts in Doctor Who wash over her and she just goes with the story. She doesn’t care that the Slitheen suffer gas exchange problems, or that one end of a spaceship near a black hole has time moving differently to the other, she just takes the story, the people, the happenings at face value.

I did a full recording and transcription of us for ‘World War Three‘, I think that’ll cover her hatred of those big green, gas-exhanging gits.

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