6. Dalek

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“WHAT. AM. I?”

“You’re a Dalek, mate.” pause “And you’re kind of stupid.”

I’ve never see her this excited by an episode before. She utterly engaged with the story, and seemed to be cheering on the Dalek as it went on its rampage. She got very annoyed when people didn’t just try to run away.

“I’d fight in the storm to save my family! My country!” pause, thinks “Especially my family and friends.”

Tell me the story…

“Well, the Dalek had been caged up, but Rose and the Doctor had landed in this museum sort of thingy, and then they were taken. There was a Dalek in the museum, there were loads of artefacts like a Slitheen arm and a Cyberman head, with the tiny teardrops.”

“I don’t like your American accent mate! You need to die! From this Dalek!”

“They were taken up to meet the person who kind of owns the place, and he let Rose go with Adam, whilst he questioned the Doctor.”

“The Dalek is as scary as a puppy in a tutu.”

“Well, when they went to look in, the Doctor started being a bit mean to the Dalek and like, being a bit of a bully, like a one day bully. So like they had to try and defeat it and then Rose had got caught because she hadn’t got in the vault and then the Dalek had got her.”

“She’s not gonna make it!”

“Then he said to the Doctor he would only talk to him and then he said that if he doesn’t open the vault then Rose gets death.”

Dramatic pause

“She gets the one present nobody wants.”

She came in for a protective cuddle as the Dalek homed in on Rose. She’d watched a dozen other people be zapped, but *this* scared her.

“They had to get through and the Doctor tried to kill it but he couldn’t and what happened was the Dalek had said that he wanted freedom, and then Rose had seen sunlight, the one thing she wanted and the Dalek opened up and we saw what he was actually like, and then there was a few touching moments and but then the Dalek had packed up and left them.”

Did you find it scary? “No, but I found some moments touching, like the bit where it said: ‘I want freedom!’ I thought that was really touching.”

her score: 10/10

When the Dalek drinks down the Internet “So it just watched every YouTube video in a few minutes?” This impressed her more than anything else she’d seen.

“You would make a good DALEK! HEHEHEHEHEHE!” She laughed for about a minute about this.


I tweeted the review at Robert Shearman, the writer of the episode. He replied and I am utterly thrilled. Thanks Rob.

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