14. The Christmas Invasion

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“I didn’t like when they bring back characters.”

“I know why they bring back Mickey and Jackie, but I mean, like, Harriet Jones, I don’t really understand why they bring her back. She looks the same, just dark circles under her eyes, that’s the only weird thing I find, I get why they bring monsters back, I didn’t get why they bring people back.”

Tell me what happens…

“Well, the Doctor’s still regenerating. They were thinking “Why don’t we go to Barcelona? With the dogs with no noses? BARCELONA!””

“Russell T Davies does a lot doesn’t he?”

“But instead, he takes them to the 24th December, which is Christmas Eve, and then they go and see Jackie. Jackie’s a bit tipped off, but Jackie’s even more tipped off to find out that it’s David Tennant instead of Christopher Ecclesman, going round with Rose.”

“He’s a bit crazier than I thought he’d be. The thing with Eccleston is, sarcastic at the wrong time, now he’s Tennant, crazy.”

“Then they have them Sycorax things…”

“Finally, I’ll get to see what a Sycorax looks like apart from his Top Trumps card.”


“They have normal teeth – just a bit pointy.”

“I sort of think they were behind the Santa Christmas masks, you know like dogs, how they fetch the bone for you, something like that, like a spy sort of thing. Then they get those trumpets and make them like guns, like a massive lighter, and they ended up shooting off in the blue light and they didn’t get what it was, and Mickey were like, he said something, but I think he said something about them being dumb, I’m not sure what he said though.”

“There’s this bit where all the people with A positive blood, are just walking and they go to a high height, and it’s all people with A positive blood that are all around the world…”

“They’re all gonna do it!”

“…So, like there’s this girl called Sally, and then there was like children and stuff, but there was only the people with A positive blood, because a man who was working with Harriet Jones had sent some stuff off, like seeds and flowers and water and it had a vial of A positive blood.
They’d gone on and two of them died, the one that had sent the missile off and after that, another guy who was trying to stand up for the dead one, he got murdered as well.”

“Well that’s cruel!”

“Then, the Doctor had to fight a Sycorax, which was like the leader or just one that stood up for everyone. The Sycorax ended up cutting off the Doctor’s hand, but because he was still in the first fifteen hours of regeneration, he could regenerate anything, so he actually, regenerated his hand. There was no blood, there was no nothing, he was fine, it was just a stump like, if I didn’t have a hand, like that. Imagine having a stump? That’d be weird. So he grew his hand back and he fought, and he thought he could trust him, and then he just got up and then he went to go and stab him in the back, but then he pressed a button, but he had a satsuma in his hand, and then he threw it at this button, and the Sycorax was on this platform and he just fell, and died, and he were like, “No second chances.””

“Then it just goes on to Christmas day, and they had the Christmas dinner and Rose got a pink hat, whereas the Doctor gets a red one and he goes into this massive TARDIS fashion boutique, except everything’s free, not very expensive, and he finds his new outfit which is like matching like blazer and trousers, and then a tie and a shirt and then a big long brown striped coat, with bluey green, vertical stripes down on it, and then they just have a Christmas dinner and it’s really good, they end really happy.”

score out of 10? “Eeeeeeh, it wasn’t that scary, 8 out of ten. ”

“Would you love to be the Doctor?”

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