32. Daleks in Manhattan

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“I thought there was going to be that clown in it. Because I saw a clown. Because there was a clown in the stuff. I thought as in it would be a person in it properly, as in one of the aliens.”

Tell me the story…

“So it’s this show thing, and there’s this girl, Tallulah, and she she’s kissing this man, I forgot what his name was. Laszlo. I thought it was Lotso. Imagine if he smelled of strawberries?”

“It’s like a few years before world war two, right?”

“Laszlo sees something running past, he just follows it, it turns out that it’s one of those pig men, and it chases Laszlo down a sewer, into the Dalek’s hands because they use them and make them into servants. If you’ve got high intelligence, you go to the final experiment, if you’ve got low intelligence, you’re turned into a pig-man. That’s what Lotso was. That’s what Lotso was turned into.”

“I just don’t like the fact that they’ve part-pigged them. But I find it even more horrible when they do the full face.”

“I don’t like the pig men.”

“It’s really weird, because he always left Tallulah a flower on her desk, a little white Rose, and he keeps doing it after he’s ‘gone’ because Tallulah thinks he’s gone, and but it’s really weird, because she takes Martha up and puts her on the side of the stage so he can watch and she sees the pig-man that’s lost.”

“I’d only be a dancer like that if I was wearing a proper skirt.”

“They were just a few beads on strings.”

“She tried to get to him, but she ends up making a catastrophe.”

“When the Doctor and Martha arrived, they arrived in this place called Hooverville, where loads of people who didn’t have homes or food or money went and it was like a big camp to be honest. People that didn’t have a home.”

“This man is trying to get these workers to build the Empire State building because the Empire State building isn’t finished yet, and they get them to put Dalek plates on the top and it’s nearly killing the people, because their hands are numb and they’re gripping on to save their life to screw these plates on because otherwise they won’t live.”

“They’re parts of a Dalek body aren’t they?”

“The person who is running them a bit, said he could replace them like that (finger click) so that means they don’t seem important to him at all. Even though they are important. Because every human being is important.”

“That’s kind of like that room that massive sphere was in.”

“This man is being called down to the Daleks and he’s being used for this final experiment, and he’s going to be used to make a human Dalek, so the Daleks don’t have to travel round in a metal body thing, and there can be human Dalek things which makes their face look really different. There’s just a little tiny thing, long arms sitting in a tiny chair, little blobby thing. Blobby.”

“So is that just that that man as a weird thing? That’s cool!”

“But I don’t like the fact that they’re using humans, even though he is called the Dalek human.”

“Then they’ve got their arms, it sort of like swallows it in and it’s got a really big belly from what I saw. I think.”

“It says to be continued. I’m looking forward to the next bit.”

Her score: “10/10 because it was actually really good.”

Next: 33. Evolution of the Daleks



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