146. The Ghost Monument

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Tell me the story…

“So Ryan wakes up and he’s in this tube and he’s with Graham but they’re on one ship, Yasmin and the Doctor, they’re on another.”

“The man is with Graham and Ryan and then the lady is with Yasmin and the Doctor.”

“They end up crashing.”

“Three suns!”

“Then they have to find this tent and then it’s a hologram person. The two people are racers because they’re in this competition where 4000 entered and then there are two surviving.”

“Weren’t they the shades on Capaldi’s eyes?”

“They’ve got to get to the Ghost Monument. Those trackers are a bit like the one that David Tennant had in then one that Donna becomes the TARDIS companion. Partners in Crime.”

“Then the man says when he wins he’s going to light this cigar. He’s doing all of it just to have a cigar.”

“The prize is loads of money that’ll give you the rest of your life in splendour and comfort.”

“Yaz was good because she was patient with Ryan. She tried talking to the lady about her family. Half of them are in hiding and half of them are on the run. Because their planet is like, something bad happened.”

“They go to this lake and this boat needs fixing, but it’s not a normal kind of engine it’s kind of like a solar powered battery. And there’s three suns and there’s there’s three solar panels.”

“They’re just like solar panels and they need to be reactivated. Or plugged in.”

“They get going and the man starts falling asleep and the woman says he’s famous for napping. Imagine being famous for napping!”

“They get across the water but they said don’t touch the water because the water’s got all these micro thingymubobbies in. And if they touch it, stuff will happen.”

“Lucky nobody touched it so we didn’t see it. Like if you plug your fingers into a socket.”

“They get to, like a really big car park. They have to get through it and get to the monument. There are all these robots and if you get something you can basically unplug them. As in unplug.”

“They get to this underground bit and it’s like a target range. But they have to get through it. There’s this pack thing that Ryan picks up. A gun and he picked up the wrong thing because he goes charging out and starts shooting them. Then they start shooting back and he had to run inside.”

“Ryan was quite brave. Because of his thingy it’s a bit harder for him. Like climbing ladder under pressure. He did really well.”

“Then there’s this old muddy thing and she gives them a five minute head start by clicking and then they run down this thing and find a map to the Ghost Monument.”

“I liked the bit where they figured out the ghost monument.”

“The one who’s famous for napping, I don’t know what his name is. All of these paper things start going round and then they come round his mouth because he was wounded by the robots and he’s not wounded any more, I mean he is still wounded. They just wrap around his mouth. And the lady had to come and slash it open.”

“They have to get out because the robots are coming and the Doctor, she locks all the doors with the sonic screwdriver, it’s like lock open lock open lock open.”

“The Stenza! That’s the ice dude!”

“They get outside. It was dark but it’s not dark anymore.”

“They’re in a field and all the paper things come and they say stuff about the Doctor, I forgot what they said. They said stuff about her mind and she’s started shouting.”

“This is proper Doctor Who!”

“Then Graham had taken the male racer’s cigar that he was going to have after when he won. It was a self flaming one, so he had to just click his fingers.”

“Then all the paper makes a big fire and they’re all lying on their backs watching it.”

“I like how he’s still wearing the sunglasses.”

“Then they find the new tent. They try and take it as a dual prize, and the man won’t let them. The other man says ‘Let’s take the prize, but you can pay the price.'”

“The lady says ‘Why can’t they come?’ then the hologram man clicks his fingers. Then they’re left and you can just hear the noise of the TARDIS and it faintly comes and she’s rushed to it but she’s can’t find the key but it’s all new in the outside. You know the public call the little phone box thing. Like in my least favourite episode when he used it.”

“Still my least favourite but.”

“It’s black paint with white writing instead of the other way round. Then it’s inside and it’s all cool. You know the tip of her screwdriver? It’s like a rock? The bit that goes up and down is like that. Then it’s the end.”

Her score: 10/10

“Yeah, Tosin Cole, he has a nap at lunch!”

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